Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Bye Grandma

We love when Grandma comes to town and hate when she leaves. The boys are already missing her and can't wait for to her to come back when the baby is born.
It's hard to get pics with my kids so were are a few that we happened to snap while they were running through.
Peyton and Grandma...
there were a couple nights we would find him in Grandmas bed all snuggled in.

I think Grandma learned a few wrestling moves while she was here. And Brody made her chase him everyday, i think we tired her out.

And this little man will be going to preschool soon, i don't know who is more excited him or me?


Mindi said...

I know you are probably excited with him starting school...but take your tissues! If you are anything like everyone else, I'm sure it'll be a happy/sad moment for ya!

Jessica said...

Your boys are getting so big and I agree with you on the school thing! Ya hoo! I can't wait to have Jackson at school all day!