Friday, August 27, 2010

Brody starts Pre-School

This kid could not wait for pre-school to start.
He would ask everyday if it was time to go yet, and now that it has started he wants to go everyday. So to say that he LOVES pre-school may be an understatement. He knows almost everybody's name already in his class and has memorized the snack chart so he knows who's turn it is. He adores his teacher Mrs.Nicole and can tell you every toy she has in her pre-school.

The first day was show and tell so Brody came down wearing his back pack with his owl aka"Star Wars" strapped to the back. This kid thinks of the funniest things to do.

Brody has also started tumbling class 1 day a week. Brett said it was ok that i put him in as long as we called it "tumbling" and not "gymnastics." Brody doesn't care what we call it he can't wait to go back every week. He has lots of his friends in his class which makes it even more fun for him.
Here he is already to go.
The first day he went he noticed that the girls were wearing one piece tight outfits and he says "mom what do i get to wear?" I had to explain to him that boys get to wear cool basketball shorts and t-shirts. He seems content with that thank goodness.

Here is Peyton all ready to go to his friend Makenzie's birthday party. He was the only boy and loved every minute of it. I love that he doesn't care about those kinds of things yet. And i can't believe he his old enough to go to birthday parties by himself. It is so weird watching him grow up so fast.

I love my dudes so much!


Enjoy the Journey said...

I got a call today saying that there was a spot that opened up in gymnastics!!! We will be there next week, waahooo!