Saturday, September 25, 2010

I Hate Waiting....

Does anyone know a secret to get this baby out NOW???
I am so done being pregnant, especially in Arizona where it is still 106 degrees out. I can't wait for Fall to come.
Since i have to wait a little longer i've been doing lots of baby projects and LOTS of online shopping. I don't know how people decide what to buy their girls, i need one of everything.

Here are a few of the things i've been up too as of late. My mom has asked me several times to put these pictures up so here you go mother.
This was my bassinet when i was a baby, so my mom sent it down for me to use with my little girl. I sprayed painted it and made a skirt to dress it up a bit.

And of course i made a few more blankets, just because every baby needs a bajillion blankets!

I used this idea here for this blanket.

And i received a gift in the mail from my Sister and Dad...thanks guys I LOVE IT!!!
My kids were almost as excited as i was to open it!



Jamie said...

Go get a fresh pineapple. It has an enzyme in it that will put you in labor. It worked for me! I won't tell you what else may work but I think you know and you probably aren't interested.
I love the bassinet and blankets. SO cute. Oh and I'm so jealous you got your bag. I love it. Hope she comes soon. :)
PS. Sorry I missed your baby shower, I was out of town.

Mindi said...

I actually heard of the pineapple thing too, but I was always just induced with my kids, so I never really had to 'wait' for them to come! Good luck though, you still look so cute! LOVE the bag, good call on that Sis and Dad! Cute idea for the basinett too, good luck guys!

Susie said...

so cute. Love how excied you are with your new bag, and have it perfectly infront of your belly. Imagine that you don't even look prego.

Speedy Gonzales said...

love, love, love it all! Great job on the bassinet, you are so talented, and congrads on the new addition: Cake bag-to dye for!

McCandless Co. said...

Seriously how cute is everything that that baby is going to have..... By the way you are the CUTEST pregnant girl and I LOVE that bag, I wanted to buy it on ebay, but I had to have a little self control. I hope she comes soon, I hate hate hate being hot and I feel for you big time.

Elisha said...

OK great job on the looks so cute!! You did an amazing job!! The nursery is so adorable....she is going to be one spoiled little peanut!! And way to go Dad and Sis on the bag!!!