Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Mischief i tell ya....

These 2 little boys are ALWAYS getting into trouble. I'm constantly wondering where they are or listening for how quiet it is. They LOVE water and are always turning the water hose on outside or sitting in the bathroom sink filling it up or dumping out there cups on my table. What do i do???? How are 2 little boys out smarting me? The only good thing about all this is that they play great together.

After i took this picture Peyton says "mom we are driving you crazy"
What was his first clue???

Brody Carson Karren,
this child dumps his drink out all the time.Then proceeds to slurp it up off the table. YUCK!

He found some gum and unwrapped every piece and shoved it all in his mouth. When i came to check on him he was spitting it out saying how HOT it was.

Peyton and Brody are always trying to join in our morning workouts, they each pick up a band and start BRINGING IT! They both can almost do a full push up thanks to P90X!

The boys finally chilling during our movie night.

Brody is so cute, i love this picture.

They play so well together 90% of the time. They can wrestle each other and not cry that the other one came and jumped on him.

This is what i find when they HIDING from me. For some reason they think if you can't see me i can't see you. Little kids are so funny.


Nikik said...

Too cute, I love it when they think you cant see them if they cant see you! It just makes me remember why we have them, right?! :)

Mindi said...

That's funny! they are so cute!

LindsayB said...

alli is just your average trouble child, but teamed with james they are TROUBLE! i think you have 2 TROUBLE children and together...AHHHH! But so cute and so fun you just have to love it right!?

jes said...

they are so sweet! i can't imagine have 2 boys! ammon is a little jealous of brett. he keeps reminding me that we aren't having another girl. :)

Amy said...

You're boys are so cute and crazy I don't know how you discipline them and keep a straight face all at the same time.

AMIT said...

Cute one.Love your post.

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