Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentines Day...

At our house.
I put out some little treats on the kitchen table so the kids would find them at breakfast. Well they found them alright and Brody ate all of his chocolate in one sitting and he didn't even get sick. Peyton at 1 or 2 then saved the rest.

I love that he smiles at the camera now, your so cute Peyton.

Brody enjoying his Valentines treats

After breakfast my mom and i took the kids on a hike up at the Usury. They LOVE going to the mountains and running around.
And their off...

Peyton telling us the rules... no horses and no bikes!

Stopping for a little snack

I love this picture!!!

Grandma with Peyton and Brody!

We made it to the top.
Brody had to hike all by himself this time and wanted very little help. I can't believe how much faster they hiked this time. Peyton was our little leader and did a great job.

Making Valentines Cookies

The kids and i always make sugar cookies for Valentines Day, this year Grandma Sefcik was here to help us.

Brody decorating his cookies

Peyton concentrating so hard with his decorating skills

Grandma and Grandpa Karren for the Valentines treats
My kids LOVE getting your packages....


Jacklyn said...

that's so fun your mom got to come visit I'm jealous I keep trying to get Russ and Rhonda here to see us. And btw I want those cookies

Natalie said...

Your kiddos are so cute. I love the picture of them examining the dirt together. They look like such pals.