Thursday, February 19, 2009

4 years old...

Peyton Brady Karren is 4 years old.
I can't believe it. He is getting so big i never thought this day would come.
Peyton is our active, silly, adventurous, helpful, smart kid. He loves to be outside, go on hikes, cook/bake, be with his friends, go to preschool and go visit family. He is always asking if we can go to Canada. He remembers everything and everyone he meets.
We love you Peyton, we can't wait to see what this years brings for you (and us)!!!!

Yup, he's sure 4!

He wanted Mcqueen cupcakes and he did a great job helping me decorate them.

Grandma Sefcik was able to be here for Peytons birthday.

Peyton started preschool this year and loves going to see Miss.Kate. She is great with him!

Like i said he is "SILLY"

He loves, adores and can't get enough of his little brother. I just hope it continues...

We had his party at chick-fil-a, that was the best idea!

Peyton loves to go to the mountains and hike around, i can't wait for summer when we can go to real mountains in Canada!

Peyton i hope you had a great birthday, you bring so much joy into our family.
We love you so much!


Krista said...

Happy b-day little Peyton!! Those cupcakes look so yummy! Today is Morgan's b-day too. He's 2! You'll see the update on my blog tonight.

Nikik said...

YES, Happy Birthday Peyt!! We love you!! Dakota, Avery & Brighton (and of course Uncle Dustin and Aunt Nicole)

chantel said...

I so appreciate the smarties on the cupcakes, that is a tradition for my kids bday cakes too. How are you guys? Is there another Pacific Dental convention this year? We should hook up if you guys are coming out for it, it would be so fun to see ya