Monday, December 1, 2008


Thanks Dustin and Nicole for having us over for Thanks giving dinner. It was so YUMMY!!! I didn't take very many picture but i got a few of the kiddos.

Little Brighton

Miss. Avery, i love taking pictures of her because she actually stops, smiles and poses for me. Thanks Avery! Oh check out her HUGE piece of turkey, she asked her dad for that one. And i must say she ate almost all of it. Way to go Avery!

The kids table

My 2 kiddos

Brody terrorizing Onyx the cat. This poor cat can't catch a break when Brody's around.

Brody was trying to physically put the cat food into the cats mouth...????

This thanksgiving weekend was so nice. The weather was finally cool and it even rained for a couple of days. My kids LOVE when it rains so when they woke up they both asked for their hoodies so they could go play. So away they went, they played outside long enough for me to clean the house.


Life Is Golden said...

I seriously sighed out loud when you wrote that your boys played in your "backyard" long enough for you to clean your house. What would having a backyard really be like?