Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas Festivities!!!!

The boys were so excited to tell Santa what they want for Christmas, which is 2 trains each.
How simple and easy is that right???
Well Peyton was a little disappointed when Santa didn't hand over those trains right then and there...! He was a little confused, we had to explain to him that Santa will come to our house and bring us gifts when we are asleep. So every morning he asks if Santa has come.

Chandler Parade with the Kirkhams

Shari and Sienna

Me trying to keep Brody in the stroller for as long as possible.

These 2 are CRAZY! But it was sure fun to watch them during the parade, they loved all the lights and the dancing. Which i have to say Cayce has some moves i've never seen before, what a great dancer he is!