Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Found this super DARLING blog you'll LOVE it. And they GIVE FREE stuff away at, This time they are giving away awesome messenger bags. Check them out. Click on the blog when you get to her web site.


Christie said...

Yeah, Simple Me is my boutique! We're living in Idaho but were in Seattle for the summer... & yep I have ALL boys too:) Thanks for bloggin about my site! It's been fun getting up and running. I have a new review blog where I post reviews about different products and websites & I'll be running a bunch of giveaways on there too:) So if you know of any cool things send them me way;)

lizzi said...

very cool melissa! thanks

Susie said...

thanks just what I need more things to look at & waste my time on the computer. it's a little addicting just jumping from site to site but time well wasted super cute stuff.