Tuesday, July 1, 2008


To all my fellow Canadians.
I can't believe i am missing the festivities like, the Raymond parade, yummy food, the road race and good company. All I've been thinking about today is Shannon's baked beans, oh how i love those beans. I went for a run today to make up for the road race i missed and while i was running i kept thinking baked beans...baked beans! Hmmm....maybe i'll be making baked beans today.
So i hope you all are enjoying today with out our little family. I know my 2 little boys would have enjoyed the Raymond parade and seeing their cousins, hopefully next year!

Here are a few pics of last summer when we stayed in Raymond.

Playing at the park
Brody sleeping away

Love this little girl.. Madison

Jayden just monkeying around

I love this kid

Eating freezies at auntie Shannon

Shannon, me and Madi girl

The cousins

Joshua... this little guy is so precious,
who wouldn't want to kiss those cheeks.


The Edwards Family said...

Happy Canada Day- Ay! Who's Raymond ? and why does he get a parade? Independence Day is pretty rockin' here in America...too.

Anonymous said...

Too bad you had to miss out on the Raymond festivities. I've heard it's quite the party up there. Hopefully the 4th of July will compensate for it! How fun that you got to go to San Diego with Brett for his dental conference. I love California! You look so cute in that black dress.

Christie said...

Hey Thanks for the friend request on Facebook! Your little fam is so cute & you look great! Your baby carrier covers are really cute too:)
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