Sunday, July 27, 2008

What we have been up to...


The days seem to all mesh together some weeks and last week was one those weeks. It was SO HOT so we stayed inside a lot. I got some packing and organizing done for the move and we watched Elizabeth for Ellie so she could go play with her mom. It was fun, my kids LOVE Elizabeth. Peyton was really protective of her while Brody tried to point out all of her facial features and steal her soother and blanket. I also did some sewing, I'm totally in the crafty mood these days and want to get some stuff made before i have to pack up all my fabric.

Brody was trying to help himself ...

I found the boys eating ice cream, they pulled up a chair and everything.

Brody trying to get his share.

I let them do whatever to stay cool!!!!

We love this girl,
and love that we get to play and cuddle with her then give her back!

She was totally into the bumbo chair,
she loved watching the boys run around her. Peyton had her smiling so much. It almost makes me want another one....someday!
Notice Brody touching her head, he can't get enough of her.


We train them young at our house,
the boys actually fight over this AWESOME shark vacuum i got. It's basically a glorified broom, LOVE IT!


My little model sporting a bird onsie i made.

I made this cute vertical rag quilt for a girl in my ward. I had the fabric sitting there staring me in the face so i thought i better do it before i get everything packed. Because after we move who knows when i'll bust out the machine again.
These quilts are so EASY.... and so forgiving.

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Greg & Kortney Manning said...

Got the burp cloths, thanks! I owe you for them, so I will try to get over there this week! Cute bird onesie! Love it!

Shari said...
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Shari said...

Miss-you are so crafty. The quilt is so cute, and I love the onesie! You definitely need to teach me! Good luck packing. I wish I was there to help.

Hawks said...

thats the cutest blanket. i wanna make that! We have been really busy but we need to get together so you can show me....

The Edwards Family said...

Wow your sewing looks great- 'its a gift'right- was that pistahcio almond? My fav. your bubbas are so cute we are going to miss seeing you so often! But we will come visit.

Jacklyn said...

I love all the stuff you make is that Ellies Baby??