Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Our Visitors...

We had my dad and Becky come and visit last month. Becky brought baby Caymbree with her and we all loved to play, snuggle and hold her.

My dad-he is one of our favorite guests to have around.

My sister Becky- yes she is going to KILL me for putting up this picture. She was in the middle of telling me "NO, don't take my picture." But that's too bad because i didn't get very many pics of her this trip.

So then we took this one. This was the morning her and Caymbree where leaving...sad day!

Can you tell this picture was forced?

Don't i looked good with a girl on my lap...maybe one day!

These 2 boys LOVE Miss. Caymbree Wynn,
They knew how to make her laugh when she was sad and they were very good little helpers for their Aunt Becky!

I love this Brody kid, he makes me laugh everyday.

The boys loved playing with Caymbree's toys.

Grandpa and the grand kids.

Me with the babe.

My dad and Brett went to the Colts vs. Cardinals game. And of course Colts won...go Peyton Manning.

Thanks dad for always spoiling us...your the best!


Enjoy the Journey said...

You DO look good with a girl on your lap! Try and then tell me the secret :D

LindsayB said...

yep, you need a girl! looks liek fun to have visitors. and i'm sure its really cooling off down there. did you do your hair blonde yet?

Mindi said...

I love Brett's expression as he's holding her, like "Um..what do I do with a girl!?" It's cute!

Hawks said...

i got Emmett those skeleton pjs. I love them!