Friday, October 2, 2009

private, pet shop and party.

If you want to get a lot of comments and emails just go private! If your wondering why i went private it's for the obvious reasons. I decided i didn't like strangers knowing everything about me and my family and looking at pictures of my kids. I'm just trying to keep them safe.
So now that we cleared the air let's get to some new pictures.

Peyton's pre-school had a field trip to the pet store, it was so fun! Peyton and Brody were talking about it for days before we went and they had convinced themselves that they were getting a puppy or a kitty, they didn't care which one they just wanted one. So being the mom that..(cough cough) gives into her kids way too often, i felt so bad telling them that there was no way in my lifetime that they would be getting a cat or a dog.
This is kinda how the conversation went:

P&B: "mom are we getting a puppy or a kitty at the pet shop today" (yes they call it a pet shop)
M: "Sorry guys we aren't getting either, mommy doesn't like pets in her house"
Brody: "do you still hate puppies mom?" (this isn' the first time they have asked me this)
M: "Well i don't hate puppies, i just don't like them"
P: "well maybe we can get a fish or a frog, which one mom?"
M: "ummmm.... neither those are still pets!"

So yes i'm that cruel mom that HATES puppies, but no worries i like them if their at other peoples houses.
Here they are checking out he fishies....maybe i could do a fish???

These boys thought the gerbals and hamsters were cool.
Like really aren't these just mice with different names? I would NEVER get one. We had some growing up and i remember i tried holding it one time but i got too scared and dropped the little thing and broke his hip. I never been that into animals.

Watching the dogs get groomed.

Now onto the third "P", Cassie's party.
A few weeks ago i decided to fly home (Canada) for the weekend to surprise my sister. She was having a little birthday party for her 3 year old that weekend, and it was my dads birthday too so we went out and celebrated. I had NO KIDS with me so i got to do everything i wanted. I went for my morning runs, ate out at all my favorite restaurants, bought $60 worth of Canadian candy (which i've made a pretty good dent in) and of course go to my favorite store (superstore). It was a quick but super fun weekend.
Cassie in her party dress and new boots
The cutest cake ever!

Becky and Cassie

Cassie and i had a sleepover one night, she came and stayed at my moms house with me. She is so good i don't think she stayed up past 7:30pm.
Thanks everyone for the fun filled weekend.


Mindi said...

That cake is darling! I'm also not a pet mom. Fish are okay, but dog and cat hair in the house is a huge no-no for me!

Tom and Ellie said...

Ok who made the cake? It is so cute! Oh and I couldn't agree more on the pets. Animals are better viewed at other peoples houses.

Natalie said...

She looks just like Becky! How fun that you got to go up by yourself. Jealous!

Kristy said...

very cute cake, and i'm with you on animals. not a fan. cats i dont mind, but dogs i really don't like. I know one day I will cave and get one though because my kids have an obsession with dogs. My mom wants to get an invite to your blog.

LindsayB said...

I feel bad sometimes that alli asks for a dog or cat on regular basis, but not bad enough to actually get her one! that cake is way to cute, what a fun trip for you.

Nicole said...

Love the dialog between you and the boys! And guess what? Onyx escaped never to return - we havent seen him in a week, my kids are so sad! Im sad for them, but not for me! Oh clean, clean, clean house how I have missed you! :) Now Brighton wants a dog....