Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I've been crafting....

I followed this tutorial here at hopestudios to make my tees. They were so easy to do, anyone with a needle and thread can do it. If you make any let me know.
When i do my next one i'll make alittle tutorial with a few tips and secrets that i found to make it easier.
And all you need to make this is 2 tees the same color, oldnavy had there basic tee on sale for $3 on the weekend so i stocked up. But targets or walmarts tees would work.

The purple one has been through the wash and dryer (thanks to Brett, who i can't be mad at because i think it looks cuter and it still fits!) But the most important thing is it's still together. I wasn't sure how well the flowers would stay on.

And these girls over here from enchantresses 3 made their own tutorial to make the above tee found at jcrew. I'm going to try the heart tutorial next. I have a vneck tee waiting to have something sewn on it.

This would also be cute! I'm definitely going to be experimenting with all my plain shirts now.

I don't know about you but i'm so into ruffles these days i think i'm going to try to make one of these, the cardi would be so cute. I found this tutorial here to help me.

Happy shirt making!


LindsayB said...

oh my heavens! i seriously love all that stuff. i really want to try that, and that is a lot coming from me pretty much a non crafter.

Just Rhonda said...

oooh i wanna try this!!!! Great job!