Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Grandma's in town!!!!

YAY, we love when Grandma comes to town. I've kept her busy helping me paint my laundry room, Peyton's room and organizing my house. Pictures to come of the finished products!


Peyton loves to cuddle Grandma.

Peyton started his first day of preschool and LOVES it. And this is the before picture of my hair.

And this is the after pic. It seems so short but i love it.

This little turkey got into my favorite pancake powder and dumped it everywhere. (Dad you will have to bring me down another box, i'm down to 1 box.)

Oh ya and the fruit snacks...

A bath was in order after the pancake fiasco.

But who could get mad at this face???? Good thing your cute Brody!


Just Rhonda said...

holy that mess!!!! sure is cute though!

The Shipley's said...

thats pretty impressive that he still fits into your sink! Yo must have a big sink.