Friday, September 26, 2008

Was it worth the $60 bucks???

I think so...
I found this Pottery Barn sleeper sofa (worth $1800 at PB) on for 60 dollars. When the guy emailed me pictures it didn't look too bad so Brett and Jordan went to check it out and pick it up for me. When they brought it home all i had to do was wash the slipcovers , vacuume the entire thing and lysole and febreeze it. So to have an extra couch and a place for guests to sleep was worth my $60 bucks.

The number 1 rule for playing in our backyard is NO turning on the hose, well these 2 little boys didn't follow that rule last night and this is what we found!
So i hosed them down really good, let them play in the kiddie pool and considered it their bath for the night.

I have to post this because if you know me i HATE to cook, i've tried to pretend that i like it and even tried to convince myself that i like it but the truth must come out.
I HATE COOKING! OK i said it so and i feel better. So if you come to visit we will either eat out alot or you'll have to take a turn cooking one night. Any ways i made dinner the other night, i normally make dinner but i actually made a casserole and dessert. This rarely happens. We don't eat out alot we just eat simple things or Brett cooks.

So for dessert we had cinnamon knot thing also known as monkey balls to some...i can't believe i just wrote that!

And dinner was chicken broccoli casserole with rice....and it was really good.

The Karrens are starting to decorate for HALLOWEEN.
This has to be one of my favorite holidays, and yes it's because there is so much good CANDY!

Does anyone else's kids make so many messes??? I feel like i'm constantly cleaning up after these 2, and these are just 2 things that have happened in the past 24 hrs.

Brody dumped the cheerios all over the floor
Peyton unwrapped all the wrapping paper...aggghhh


LindsayB said...

i feel like a just read a post about MY life! minus the great deal on the couch that never happens in canada. i am still laughing at the picture of you spraying down your child!hahaha. and i also am so very proud of myself when i cook, because i hate it too.

and the messes, oh the messes!

Hawks said...

60 bucks...that is a crazy deal!! You could resell that thing for 300 or 400 bucks...

Kristina said...

Melissa you are NOT alone in this. I feel like I'm constantly walking behind the children as they drop toys, food, clothes, my hair and makeup products etc. or cleaning up vaselined bodies and clothes. It's one of the joys of motherhood I guess.

AND I'm quite jealous of your PB find. Love the pillows on it! Where'd you get them?

Jes said...

1)love the couch
2)i share your cooking feelings
3)your kids are still adorable. i didn't know that pantlessness was the new cool thing! :)

Life Is Golden said...

Where to start?
-I love the couch find... My red couch, chair and 1/2, and ottoman were found on craigslist for $90... gottta love Craig.
-I'm really impressed with the cinnamon *cough* things.
-Isn't being a Mother grande? I love when Hollywood Moms say how they're very "hands on", and in the next sentence they start talking about their couple of nannies... if only I had a nanny to clean up the pee all over Maggie's bedding, cause she decided to take her diaper off in the middle of the night, and couldn't figure out how to get it back on.

Anonymous said...

Love the new couch! Very worth it. Your new rental looks nice! I love the toy room. Congrats on cooking dinner and dessert! Sometimes it is such a chore. The monkey bread looks delish! A few days ago, Griffin was playing in the hose so I brought out the soap and called it his bath! Oh, and the messes are eternal. Gotta love the cereal boxes being dumped!

Christie said...

I've just kinda given up on having a clean house! You're so cute i love your apron:)