Thursday, September 13, 2007

Our new love...

I have to say it didn't take us long to feel like Gilbert,AZ was our new home. We absolutely love it here. I love our area, ward and neighbors. Everyone has been so great to us no wonder it felt like home so fast.

Brett found a job with a dental group here and seems to be enjoying it, I'm so excited for him. He loves practicing dentistry without 10 professors behind his shoulder. I'm sure his patients and assistants just love him, he is so easy to get along with and is very charismatic. I love this guy and i so glad he loves what he is doing.

Bretts first day or work!

There is this great club house in our subdivision and it has this man made beach for the kids. It is the greatest thing ever. I feel like i'm at a resort every time i go. Along with this awesome pool they have a lap pool,hot tub, workout room, tennis courts and everything else you can imagine. Peyton wakes up asking if he can go swimming everyday!

I love this picture of Brody, it's kinda random but i had to share it.
I love this determined, happy and funny little guy!!!!!!
So here is our house that we are renting, and yes those walls are purple. I'm starting to not notice them as much anymore but i definitely wish they were a different color! You will see our lovely furniture in the toy room, hopefully Brett can work enough that we can get some real couches in there. But it's a great little house for our little family and i love it.....We are welcoming all visitors!


wayne sefcik said...

I love the house a little better than Windsor. I can't belive how fast the kids are changing I promise I will visit soon

Brad said...

Glad to see you are back on the blogg - and glad to see you are so happy in Arizona! I have relatives in Gilbert, but I have never actually been there to visit them (we always just see them at family stuff in Utah) So if we ever make it down we'll look you up. But don't hold your breath!

Brad said...

Opps, that was Whitney not Brad.

Amy said...

Love those walls, they sure are......interesting.
I'm so excited to hear you guys are loving AZ and Brett's enjoying work. You're boys are getting so big, I can't believe how big Brody is.
We need to plan to get together. We're gunna be out there the end of Oct. We need to play.

Susie said...

So exciting for you guys! Life in AZ looks like it is pretty good. Have fun living the resort life while brett is working...isn't that what it is all about.

LindsayB said...

glad to see you didn't forget about the blog. i guess you were just having so much fun living life like it's a holiday...jealous!!!