Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Summer Fun

"My Boys" at the Raymond parade Peyton had so much fun he didn't even move from his chair, i was very surprised at how good he was.

Me and my sister watching the parade.Peyton clapped every time a float, a person, horse or car came by, it was pretty cute.
Grandma Karren holding Josh(6months) and Brody(8months)

Oh ya i ran the Raymond road race, Lindsey Baldry and i decided the night before the race we would do the 5km. It was my very first race...and i survived!

More Canada day pictures...

OK so if anyone is still checking this thing i am finally posting again. I know it has been forever but i'm a busy girl. We have been down to the cabin twice, playing in Raymond and Lethbridge and of course we had to up to Calgary to see Grandpa Sefcik (and go shopping at lululemon).
The kids are having a blast in good old Alberta. It has gone by way too fast, i think Peyton actually might miss this place. I am looking forward to moving to Mesa as soon as possible, and Brett is enjoying his forced vacation.


whitney said...

Where have you been? I think we probably keep missing each other in Raymond - both heading to Montana at opposite times most likely! Good job on the race. Cute lulu top, I have the bottoms that match it and I LOVE them. Maybe I need to make a trip to Calgary... Is Market Mall still the only mall with a lulu lemon?

LindsayB said...

i still think it's so funny that halfway through the race you told me it was your first. i thought you were an old you beat me. it's been fun hanging out with you guys this summer. your kids are the cutest.

Just Rhonda said...

Lots o' fun in Ray town eh?? You look like a race pro!!!