Thursday, May 14, 2009

Our New Home...

I'm totally in LOVE with our NEW home!
We have been waiting along time to buy our first house and we finally found the perfect one.
It is WAY bigger than Brett wanted, and came with a few extras that helped seal the deal.
5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, a family room, formal living room, dining room, and a loft. Now only if it came with furniture and a maid!

The entrance

To the family room,
and a hall off to the right that has a bathroom, laundry room and guest room..

family room
Kitchen, you can see the dining room through the door way!

Looking into the kitchen from the dining room
dining room

formal living room

Master Bathroom

Master Bathroom- my side!


The sitting area is off to the right

Loft/toy room

Peyton's room

Brody's room-not a very good pic. His room is shaped funny so it's hard to get a good view.

4th bedroom upstairs, Brett made this his office.

The guest room (which is downstairs) has nothing in it except my sewing desk, so i didn't take a pic.

The backyard.
We have a "wash" behind us which is basically desert stuff that blocks other houses. Anyways we see different animals running through it all the time like, a fox, bunnies, gofers, lizards and who knows what else. The kids love chucking their toys over and i'm not sure why because i can't retrieve them.


McCandless Co. said...

Your place is awesome! I am a tad bit jealous you are in your first home, but maybe someday if prices keep coming down we will be in the market as well. It already looks cute even if it doesn't have all the rooms furnished. I am sure you will make it look darling. Congrats you guys!
P.S. what is the name of the suburb you are in now?

lynz said...

your house is soooo beautiful melissa! congrats on finding the perfect house, and good luck with that furniture and maid thing :)

whitney said...

Congrats! I can't wait to see how you keep decorating it!
I must say I am a tad bit jealous you are right into a house instead of just starting to build one like me!

The Shipley's said...

House looks awesome! Makes me want to move there!

jes said...

the house is GINORMOUS and GORGEOUS! i'm so happy for you guys! i can't imagine ever being able to fill the whole thing! :) hope all is going well!

Just Rhonda said...

FANCY!!! Looks amazing. A spare bedroom for us to come for a visit??

Jacklyn said...

That is so fun! I especially love the loft, the kids will love it. congrats

marisajbaines said...

you have a beautiful home. it is HUGE!!!!!

Chelsea said...

wow!! I am so happy for you guys!! It must be fun decorating!!

LindsayB said...

awesome new house! i'm in love with your master bathroom. you'll feel like a new woman with more space, i know i did! someday i really will come visit.

Rachelle Cooper said...

Wow!! Looks awesome, i cannot wait until we have a house too.. a 2 br condo with 2 kids is just a bit crazy!!
Congrats for you guys, that is so exciting!

Hawks said...

great pictures!

Lindsey Kerr said...

hi there, come visit my blog!