Thursday, May 7, 2009


Stress.... this is what happens when too many things happen in the same week!

Brett and i just bought our first home (that's another post) and we moved into it April 24/25. Then the painters got their dates messed up and couldn't paint until we were already moved in, so i had to keep my kiddos away from the paint! So not fun when you have 2 active, curious little boys. I have to say they did pretty good though and only got paint on their feet once, each!

So to keep myself sain, i bought this piece of cake from target. They had samples and it was so yummy i caved. My kids and i enjoyed the entire thing.

Then we had our Anniversary 2 days after we moved into the new house. Yep seven years, oh how time flies! Well we didn't get to do much because I had my last cake decorating class the same night so we enjoyed even more cake when i got home.

Then my birthday was 2 days later! (I don't recommend any of this, just some advice, plan your wedding and move around no other events!)
Brett's parents were in town and watched our kids that night so Brett and i could go for dinner. It was sure nice to have a break from my kids, that was a great gift!

Then i got to enjoy lunch with these girls the following day! It was great food and great company!
My little shadow came with me...

Ellie and Elizabeth...
and Arriana and Natalie!
Thanks ladies for taking my out, i love lunch dates!!!

Then Brett's parents had a dinner at Vince and Shannon's AZ home and we celebrated yet again. The kids had so much fun together as they always do. Avery was the little leader and they followed her around all cute.

My entourage!

Brett's mom and aunt made me the CAKE i requested (since Brett had no clue) and it was sure yummy. They did run out of frosting but it didn't matter it was so scrumptious any way! Thank you so much.....

So at the end of the week i would have to say i ended up forgetting about all the stress and chaos and enjoyed myself. All the cake eating might of had a little something to do with it....mmm it was so worth it.


Just Rhonda said...

happy B-day and Anniversary!!!! (the cakes look tasty!)

Life Is Golden said...

Happy birthday-anniversary-move-in day!

Anonymous said...

Wow - I'm stressed just reading about all of your events! Sounds like you survived though. How fun that you guys bought a house!! Perfect time to buy. You'll have to post pics so we can see it. Happy Bday and Anniv.!! All of the cakes you ate look delish! Did you like the cake decorating class? I'm considering taking one. The cake your mother-in-law and SIL made looks amazingly good. I love the "laundry list" post! We all have one of those, that's for sure. Your boys are getting so big!

Hawks said... had way too much going! Cant wait to see pictures of your house!

Jacklyn said...

I hear ya, Within 2 weeks I have my birthday anniversary and mothers day...not good planning. We should have had our weddings in the summer