Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Peytons world...

Our Peyton LOVES the camera, if he sees it laying around he will climb, snatch or beg to use it. Most of the time i don't let him play with it, actually i never let him play with it. I have let him take a pic or 2 with me right there helping him, well....... i downloaded my pictires and to my surprise someone was taking pictures. I've got to say "i'm impressed" he got it focused most of the time and he got some great shots. He likes to follow his object around.. you'll see!

This was easter when Dustin, Nicole and the kids came over. I'm actually glad Peyton took the camera he got some funny shots.

This one i was standing close by so i don't know how he got the camera after that????

I think we have a little photographer on our hands, what do you think?


Mimi said...

I love getting the camera back after your little munchkins have had it and seeing the results.
So fun to get a peak into their world.:0)

Just Rhonda said...

hahaha that is funny that he loves to use it. Alden uses our little old one sometimes and gets some great shots too!

LindsayB said...

i love that! he really did take some good pictures. i forget nicole's little girls' name but she looks JUST like her but blonde. cute cute!