Thursday, January 24, 2008


Can you guess which one is supposed to be in time out by himself??? Brody always follows Peyton to the time out spot and sits down right next to him. Peyton likes the company and often calls Brody over. I'm not sure if this is supposed to count???
Brody decided to hop back into the bath after he was already for bed.

So these 2 little boys of mine love to hide out in the pantry and sneak treats

i hope they don't become closet eaters!

The same night they got into cereal and into the cookies....


They are growing up so fast
Brody is growing up right before our eyes! I can't believe that he is turning into a little man and isn't my baby anymore.

I went to the play Hairspray with Ellie and Tom Burnett. So i had Brett take a picture because i never get ready during the week and it was kinda nice to take some time a do my hair and makeup.


Kristy said...

those were some good pictures, love the timeout one, and the bath is something Zoe would do.

Anonymous said...

Your boys are so cute! Don't you just love the messes they make! That's so sweet that Brody keeps Peyton company in Time Out. What a nice brother! Hot mama with your cute dress and your hair done! I love the play Hairspray.

Just Rhonda said...

aww your boys are getting so big!!! And that is too funny about the time out!!! It's good they are friends!