Monday, November 29, 2010

Happy Birthday Brody and Kami at 1 month

Brody is 4!!!
He was counting down the days until he turned 4, he was so excited.
His #4 pancake

His Star Wars party

All the kids got homemade light sabers and had to use then to keep the balloons in the air.

The game quickly changed when Brett came and started attacking the kids, good thing there were 20+ kids to get him back!

Lots of presents!!!

Cake time

KAMI is 1 Month Old

This little girl is growing so fast i wish she would stop.
1 month
She has a little red in her hair that is slowing fading.
She is getting so many kisses and hugs from her older brothers, sometimes she likes it sometimes she doesn't.


Mindi said...

So cute! She's sure changing!

Grandma Debbi said...

Shes so cute missy, well worth the wait!