Saturday, February 13, 2010

Race Day

Elisha, Erin, Shari, Me, Ashley and Sayta
all ran the 10k London's run this year. It was such a blast, except the part when a bunch of us got re-directed the wrong way and ended up running over 7 miles instead of 6.2. But other than that we all had fun.

And we all finished!

Oh ya and i'm going back BLOND!


Chelsea said...

wow! you are soooo incredibly fit! I am jelous, I love your hair too! I am going lighter as well!

Life Is Golden said...

I kid you not... Miss Mags is sitting on my lap and when I clicked on your blog and got to the picture of you and Brett, Maggie went "Oooo" in a "she's super pretty" kind of way. Ha! So awesome!
So there you have it... if you want Maggie's opinion (and mine)... going blond looks great on you!

Mindi said...

I also like the is creeping up on summer, so you just have to do it! Some days I wish I could change my hair color, but... it's not in the cards for this brunette! Congrats on the race!

LindsayB said...

nice job on the race! the blonde is really cute too! brett's dad told me today they are watching your kids for a few days while you go to california, HAVE FUN!

Sew Much Ado said...

I've been wanting to go back to blonde, now I think you've convinced me! It's really cute. And great job on the race, I'm jealous!