Monday, December 14, 2009

Carnival Birthday Party!!!

Finally i have found some time to blog again!
This year i decided to combine Peyton and Brody's birthday party's, there is a 3 month gap between them but i figured it was close enough to get away with it. And i'm so glad i did, as it was a lot of work!!!
We rented a bounce house, snow cone machine and a spin art machine. We set everything up out in the back yard and let the kids loose.

I got the cupcake idea off of picky palate, they turned out way cute and were so easy!

I attempted to make a ball toss.

Here the kids are testing out the spin art machine, i would have never thought to rent this but a friend told me about it and the kids really liked it. I would definitely get it again.

OK these body boppers were so fun, it was pretty funny to watch the kids play with them. And surprisingly no injuries.

Brighton in the bounce house.

Just bouncing around...

Dakota shooting hoops.

Photo Booth
Birthday boy#1
Birthday Boy #2

the Kirkhams

the Lannon's

Avery and Peyton

Dakota and Nicole

the Romney's

the Poulsen's

Monson's -minus Donette and Max

Peyton and i testing out the photo banner -waste of money i wouldn't recommend buying it!

cute Bailey Romney

Brody chowing down...

Sassy Taylor Romney

Opening presents-thank you everyone for all the gifts, my boys love them

Cupcake time....

And finally the fun has ended.....until next year!


Just Rhonda said...

Holy that looks fun!!!!!

Mindi said...

What a darling birthday! Good job!!

Susie said...

what the party of the year! Everything looks AMAZING. way to go, on your way to mom of the year. Brilliant to combine them. I would happily share mine if someone threw me that party.

LindsayB said...

my first thought was, we could never do that here in november. why do i live here? seriously, do teachers get paid good in az. i need to live there. but really, what a great party. so stinkin FUN!

Krista said...

Wow! You went all out. You are a better mom then me. They get the very minimum from us! LOL!!!

lynz said...

first of all, you are lookin so cute melissa! nice work :) that party looks like soooo much fun and good idea on the combination thing!

Chelsea said...

wow!!! looks like a blast and a lot of work