Sunday, December 30, 2007

Happy Holidays!!!

We had a great Christmas. We decided to stay in Arizona this year instead of going back up to Canada. It was nice to not think about bundling up every time we went outside, the nights were cold enough here that we had to wear a jacket but during the day was still warm. My mom and brother Rob came down to enjoy the nice weather with us, which made Christmas feel normal. The kids had so much fun with nana and uncle Rob. My favorite quotes of the season came from our little Peyton. The first time he say Rob we was so excited he was following him all over, he was trying to get into the bathroom where Rob was when he said "Rob it's Peyton let me in."The 2nd fav. was the day after they left, it was morning and Brody was screaming when Peyton said " Brody quiet Rob and nana are sleeping." The pictures are kinda messy, i wasn't sure what i was usual!
We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and a safe and happy New Year. Love the Karrens


Kristy said...

cute pics! looks like the boys had lots of fun. My mom wants to know where you got the chairs with the names on them, they're really cute.

LindsayB said...

CUTE! Looks like you guys had a super fun Christmas. As long as you've got your mom around it feels like christmas right!