Monday, April 30, 2007

Peyton, Peyton, Peyton....

Peyton Karren is a rowdy little guy. And when he gets with his friends they sometimes get out of control. The other day we had Tyson Smyth come over and play, and those little 2 yr. olds really know how to scream. And if there is one thing i hate it's screaming. I don't know how many times i asked them to stop but it was enough.
We finally decided to take the kids to Mc Donald's to play. It didn't matter how loud they were there they just blended in with all the other kids.
Peyton and Tyson play so good together, we sure are going to miss him! The Smyth family moved back to Calgary far far away from us.
I love this picture. Peyton has hiding and didn't know i could see him.
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LindsayB said...

I love that picture of him hiding, it is so cute. When Alli gets outside the sceaming begins. The other day her and her friend were trying to be louder than each other. At least we were outside, then it doesn't seem so so bad.

whitney said...

Roman is a screamer no matter where we are. For some reason the halls at church are where he likes to be the loudest.